01 Mar 2019

Atenolol - Side Effects

Is an active drug that helps lower high blood pressure. I have been taking it for a little over two years. I cannot begin to express the importance of having your blood pressure monitored to see if you have this potentially dangerous condition.

I went for several years and feel God blessed that I did not have a stroke or other serious problem because I did not listen to warning signs. I had been going from family doctor to gynecologist then to a gastrointestinal specialist with other conditions. At each office visit, the nurse would take my vitals, and the blood pressure was elevated wherever I went.

Finally my physicians assistant at the family doctor pinned me down to check this further. I had been having crushing migraines for years, and they were becoming more frequent. I was started on, and the blood pressure decreased, but not enough. I had to go for tests because the continued high blood pressure had enlarged my heart substantially. Thankfully there was no damage evident.

After several weeks with adjusted dosing and no severe an accompanying prescription for hydrochlorothiazide was added to the does have several effects which must be taken seriously if the patient is a person that operates machinery or drives.

The drug, remember now, this is a drug, and it is essential to follow doctor and pharmacist orders. I know I have to do what they say to keep the pressure at a healthy level. Other can be reduced blood flow to the feet and hands, and they will feel cold. I notice this mainly when I sit and type, read or paint for any prolonged amount of time.

As with any drug, it is essential to be aware of, and then I’ll be able to tell the doctor immediately. Wish I could have these more severe and rare or if I bleed easily. Allergic reactions can happen to some patients. Rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, trouble breathing or any strange, sudden symptom patient has not customarily experienced call the doctor or pharmacist right away.

It is essential that the doctor has a patient’s complete history because some medical conditions can not tolerate the use of I may have had. I have another family member on the same duo of high blood pressure meds that I am on. She has the increased urination situation. She just makes sure to stride for that bathroom when the urge strikes as there is no waiting.

I also have the effect of vivid dreams. I find it odd to be able to recall most of them, even the ‘atmosphere’ of stress, mystery, horror within them. As a writer that’s not such an ill effect.

I recommend because it certainly has helped protect me from some severe and damaging health problems.

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