16 Jan 2018

How to Save on Funeral Caskets

The costs of funerals have steadily been going up over the years. The average cost of funerals today total more than $10,000 when you take into consideration the price of the casket, services, flights and hotel rooms for out of town loved ones.

The most expensive part of the funeral has to be the casket. The second expensive item is likely going to be the burial plot, vault, or mausoleum depending on how your family chooses to honor your departed family members. The third most expensive item is likely going to be the burial stone that you want to commemorate and mark your beloved’s final resting place.

You may want the best for your family member, but the best doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar for it. The funeral director hopes that you pay top dollar, but I hope this article will help you understand why it is not entirely necessary to do so.

You can buy the casket for the funeral online and save up to 80% off the top of the price that the funeral director charges. This means you get to buy a quality casket for less than $1,000 instead of paying the funeral home $4,500.

Be careful not to tell the funeral director that you won’t be taking advantage of their inflated priced caskets. By all means look at what they have to offer but afterward go online and buy the same thing at a deep discount.

Many online casket suppliers ship their caskets within a day of receiving payment while most maintain that they have same day shipping.

Again let me reiterate not to mention that you are buying your casket online. Otherwise, you may be surprised to discover that the funeral home may try to add additional miscellaneous fees not disclosed earlier. The reason for this is because when many funeral homes are told that they won’t be getting their bread and butter casket sale, they just double the prices of the other services to recoup their loss.

This bait and switch like tactic are not legal if they have already given you a list of their prices beforehand. However, if you don’t complain, then they will never be dealt with accordingly by the Federal Trade Commission and their bogus practices never stop. Even though they are in the business to make money, they should not be taking advantage of people who may not be in the best emotional state as a result of their loss.

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