26 Jul 2018

How to Walk Your Dog Properly

Owning a dog entails a lot of responsibility. Like a baby, you have to attend to all its needs such as food, shelter, and physical exercise.

Maintaining a fit body for your dog is comfortable. You just have to provide them with a balanced diet and promote good physical exercises.

The best way to induce workout for your pet is through walking. It is the world-accepted method to ensure that dogs are well-trained and stimulated. Here are a few tips to achieve good results from dog walking:

Proper Restraint

Prevention is the key to ensure a safe walk for you, your dog, and your neighbors. Implement the necessary safety precautions to prevent dogs from attacking people in the parks. Put on a regular and sturdy leash around their necks so you could pull them quickly when it does negative things. However, don’t tie the strap too tightly so you could give them enough freedom to stroll and explore the surroundings as well.

Right Conduct

Just make sure that your dog is in its best conduct when walking. This is to prevent any untoward incident in the neighborhood. Know that forceful pulling and control won’t do any good. Just show authoritativeness without much aggression so the dog could understand that you are boss. Implementing additional power would only trigger it to do more bad. Since it lacks cognitive skills, it can run away quickly without thinking about the consequences.

Balanced Independence

Walking for dogs is supposed to be a positive and stimulating experience. It is their chance to mingle with nature, have a good exercise and interact with fellow dogs in the neighborhood. Hence, give it to them. Don’t be too hard and stiff in guiding their walks. Just be sure to train it well before undergoing such activity. Teach it some commands and how it must react. When you call its name, let it mean it needs to come back to you, etc.

Away from People

While you have all the rights to walk your dog around town, it is improper for you to allow it to do everything. People are spending their time at the parks and playgrounds; thus discretion is necessary. Train your dog not to bother busy people on the streets or children playing in the grounds. These people have their own lives and daily routines to finish so allow them. Also, teach your dog to not grab food from other people or establishments. This is to prevent fights and accidents between your dog and other people.