05 Mar 2018

Intensify Your Walking Exercise by Adding a Jump Rope

Walking is an excellent form of exercise. Many doctors will advise you to take a short 20-minute walk after every meal. Walking will help to increase your metabolism and aid in digestion. You can intensify the benefits you gain from walking by adding a jump rope routine to your walk. You will be surprised to find that jumping rope is not as natural as it looks. With new exercise, it is important to first consult with your doctor to ensure that your health is not endangered.


A good of running shoes is a must to protect your feet. Wear shoes that adequately support your arch, and have plenty of padding inside to absorb shock. This will protect your feet and knee joints from injury. Good shoes are essential whether you are walking or jumping rope, or even running. Protecting your feet will be a lifelong investment. You only get one pair of feet; it is necessary to take care of them for your future good health.

Jump rope

A good jump rope will not be hard to find. Look at the exercise equipment in any department store. A jump rope designed for children will not work well for an adult. I prefer a jump rope designed for speed jumping. These can be adjusted to fit the height of most adults.

How to use the jump rope

Skip over the rope one foot at a time while you are walking. Turn the rope at the same speed that you are walking. You can increase your pace as you become more accustomed to the extra exercise. When I use a jump rope while I’m walking, I find that I have to take breaks and continue my walk without using the jump rope for a short time to catch my breath. The jump rope gives me approximately the same workout that I would get if I were jogging instead of walking.


Be aware of your fitness level and the reactions of your body as you skip rope and walk. If you have difficulty breathing or tire quickly, just stop using the jump rope. You will gradually become accustomed to the full walk. Do not over-do the exercise and pay attention to your own body. Jumping rope is a high impact and high-intensity workout. Skipping rope while you walk is less intense, but still, I suggest speaking to your doctor before beginning any exercise, especially if you have any health issues.

I thought that it would be easy to add a jump rope to my walk, but I found that it increased my heart rate quickly. I had to take frequent breaks between using the jump rope and just walking. As my fitness level rose, I was able to use the jump rope for more extended periods of time.