01 Dec 2017

The Benefits That the Bicycle Offers for Your Mental Health

Pedaler offers many guarantees to improve our physical condition, but there are also ‘tips’ that help improve your mental health with incredible results.

Avoid diseases: Alzheimer’s is a disease that is generated by several factors, and one of them is the constant sedentary lifestyle that we do. Cycling, according to studies, helps to counteract this disease. At the moment of pedaling, blood activity accelerates, activating sectors of the brain related to Alzheimer’s.

It is a medicine for the brain: Without a doubt, pedaling eliminates the accumulated stress. The action compels the mind to have greater control of our decisions, and therefore, it gives us clarity and be more awake for future activities.

It requires us to improve ourselves and increases self-esteem: If you have proof for cycling, you begin to notice differences in your abilities. In the beginning, it can cost you a lot, but as you keep pedaling, you find your routes to have a better trip and all thanks to your effort.

Improve our mood: moving on a bicycle, or doing any other exercise, generates endorphins. Our brain, naturally, is filled with happiness and well-being.

You optimize your time: Unlike going in a car, with tacos and accidents every day at rush hour, riding a bicycle will maximize your time on all your routes. You always give a sense to your trip, you observe everything from another perspective, and apparently, your body also works.

Train our attention and reflexes: Pedaling in the city is a challenge for cyclists, which is why we need a higher concentration. Calculating the detours and the cars that pass regularly.

It gives more knowledge: You make your route, you learn it by heart, and you also perfect it. Being outdoors, and not locked up in a vehicle, brings you not only to the streets and the environment that surrounds you but also to people.

Geniuses and the bicycle: Many intellectuals, throughout history, have been faithful followers of cycling. Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, and Pablo Neruda are some of those who were always seen on a bicycle.

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