15 May 2018

What is So Superb About Superfood

It was the Romantic poets who once wished to go back to the lap of nature just after industrialization in Europe during the eighteenth century. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelly, and Keats portrayed the importance of quality in their poetry and lamented on the vicious cycle that modern life would give birth to.

When the problems started piercing our veins after two centuries, we woke up to find remedies and searched certain means to live again with the natural elements. Superfood is a way to feed on natural nutrients to combat the pollutants of the modern world and stay fit and healthy.

Phytonutrients: A Scientific way of looking at superfoods

“Phyto,” though a scientific term in the usual meaning stands for plant life. This mainly puts forward the relationship between plants and superfoods. In other words, superfoods deal with a lot of more plant products than animal products.

Beans, berries, oats, spinach, walnuts, tomatoes, watermelons and apples are only to name a few in the list of plant products that take the lead as superfoods. And all those things you have been feeding on in large amounts, starting from beef, pork, fleshy fish, goose, and chicken have all been discarded from the list of superfood. Anything that is high protein and comes from animal products is a complete no-no in the superfood way of eating.

Don’t think that protein and fats have been completely put off. No, it is instead there in enough amounts but through other sources of food. For protein, depend on soybeans and soymilk. If you want something non-vegetarian, then have turkey meat instead of beef. Salmon and tuna are quite tasty and also superfoods. Why don’t you concentrate on them?

Making super differences in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

Call it the greatness or call it the primary requirement, superfood has exclusively portrayed how those components that hold the significant importance have turned minor and just the opposite. The whole gamble of calories has found new strategies to win. To gain the optimum amount of calories, you need not merely depend on proteins and fats.

The balance can rather be better created and make you feel lighter if vitamins and minerals are provided in high enough quantities. One more important things are that diseases of vitamins and minerals are rare, but problems with their deficit are prevalent. Think with a greener perspective to stay healthy in the twenty-first century where life is nothing but a super fast highway.

When life is fast, you tend to grow up faster. With the blooming of mental maturity at an early age, your hair also starts graying. The wrinkles in your skin become prominent when the day is still young. And you are more drowned in processed and fast foods and alcohol. All your makeup, parlor costs, and gym sessions can do nothing right to put these things right. You need something from the heart of nature.

The importance of antioxidants in superfoods lies over here. Antioxidants have control over the oxidation process going inside your body. Therefore antioxidants inhibit the wear and tear process and churn more oxygen to make you feel better, young and lively always. So you better feed on enough of superfoods to keep at par your age and also proactive throughout life.

Though the poets of the Romantic era are no longer with us, still we find the essence of nature in the reminiscence of their creations. And superfood can be regarded as a direct implication.